Biofinity® toric

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Your premium contact lenses for astigmatism


  • Stay comfortable for your full day
  • Deliver plenty of oxygen to your eyes
  • Offer stable orientation and clearer vision

If you have astigmatism, your eyesight is blurry with both near and far objects. Biofinity® toric contact lenses can correct this vision problem and offer you much more.

With Biofinity toric contacts, you can wear them up to 30 days in a row—all with a premium level of comfort. From early morning to late, late evenings, your eyeglasses can stay in their case as you experience the freedom you’ve always wanted in contact lenses.

Tired of using additional wetting drops all day long…? You’re less likely to need them with Biofinity toric contacts, thanks to our unique Aquaform® Technology. Biofinity toric’s soft silicone hydrogel lenses also allow your eyes to receive plenty of oxygen, and you’ll enjoy stable orientation and clearer vision due to Biofinity toric’s Optimized Ballast Design.

You’re looking for more than just astigmatism correction. You want premium, extended-wear comfort that will stay with you for up to 30 days. Be sure to ask your eye doctor about Biofinity toric contact lenses (pronounced “Bi-OH-fin-itee tor-ick”).



Corrects Astigmatism

If you have astigmatism, these contact lenses may be right for you. Ask your eye doctor.
Replacement Schedule Monthly

You'll only need to change these soft, disposable contacts once a month.
UV Protection No

These lenses do not provide UV protection. For this feature, consider our encore100® family of contacts.
Wettability Biofinity contact lenses are naturally wettable without the need for additional surface treatments or wetting agents.

You're less likely to need additional wetting drops while you wear these contacts.
Lenses Per Box Includes 6 lenses per box.