SC003 | Pantos M with Non-Prescription Tinted Lenses

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Size: 49-23-148
  • TAVAT’s “SoupCan” Collection is inspired by the way aviation goggles were thought to be made in 1930’s America, from soup cans!Introducing the original “Pantos M,” an effortlessly iconic frame. With its industrial nature characterized by the fierce 6mm ribbed-profile with laser-etch detailing, and rigid stance, you for sure “won’t be like the rest of them.” It's TAVAT's signature & most iconic frame.
  • Comes equipped with TAVAT's industry-leading 'TLT: Melanin Lenses'
  • Blocks 100% UV Light & up-to 98% of Violet-Blue (HEV) Light
  • Instantly Iconic
  • 'Sandwich' Frame Construction
  • Ultra Scratched Surface Hand-Finished
  • Rimlock Closing with Watch Crown Mechanisim
  • Each frame undergoes more than 100+ production steps
  • Signature Watch Crown Detail
  • Very Strong
  • Won Gold in International Design Awards
  • Won Bronze in A’Design Awards
  • Handmade in Italy