SC015 | Round 2.0 / C with Non-Prescription Tinted Lenses

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Size: 47-25-148
  • TAVAT’s SoupCan Collection is inspired by how goggles were thought to be made back in 1930’s America, from Soup Cans! Introducing 'Round C 2.0,” a revisit of our original Round, a perfectly retro frame. With the addition of acetate eye-rims, we play with color to offer more detail and contrast. It’s easy to wear with lots of personality.<br>
  • Comes equipped with TAVAT's industry-leading 'TLT: Melanin Lenses'
  • Blocks 100% UV Light & up-to 98% of Violet-Blue (HEV) Light
  • Instantly Iconic
  • 'Sandwich' Frame Construction
  • Ultra Scratched Surface Hand-Finished
  • Rimlock Closing with Watch Crown Mechanisim
  • Each frame undergoes more than 100+ production steps
  • Hypoallergenic and Comfortable Nosepads
  • Handmade in Italy